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Office Policies


During the course of treatment, it is not unusual for a problem (loose band, broken wire, lost brace, etc.) to occur.  We will make every effort to attend to the problem as quickly as possible.   If such a problem occurs, try placing orthodontic wax over the sharp area and then call our office (613-591-1638) to alert us of the problem. Please try to call us BEFORE coming to our office.

Cancelled Appointments:

This is a missed appointment but we were notified prior to the appointment time.  We realize that illness, weather, or other emergencies occur that might necessitate the cancellation of an appointment.  We do appreciate your notifying us as soon as possible (48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment) so that we may use the time for another patient.  Cancelled appointments, however, may increase the length and the cost of treatment.

Broken Appointments:

This is a missed appointment but we were not notified prior to the appointment time.  All patients with active appliances must be seen as soon as possible after a broken appointment, in order to avoid any problems.  Therefore, we will reschedule at the first opening we have available during school/work hours.  Our office charges $35 for broken appointments.


Your time is valuable to us and we make every effort to stay on schedule.  We ask that you try to be on time for your appointments.

Long Appointments:

Throughout the course of treatment, it will be necessary to book a few lengthy appointments.  These appointments are scheduled between 9:30am and 2:30pm. Please be prepared to have scheduled appointments DURING SCHOOL HOURS.

Short Appointments:

Some appointments are blissfully short.  During your treatment there will be times when the adjustments can be done quickly even when they are very technical.  These appointments can be scheduled any time during the day subject to availability.

Booking Appointments In Advance:

Only one visit can be scheduled at a time unless otherwised specified by Dr. Sim.  The reason for this is due to the fact that the appointment lengths and the interval between appointments may vary.


Our office does offer a limited number of early morning and late afternoon hours. However, in fairness to all of our patients, we cannot guarantee that any one patient will be able to have all (or even most) of their appointments during these times.  Again, please be prepared to schedule appointments DURING SCHOOL HOURS. We appreciate your understanding.