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Patient Reviews

Both our children went through the braces process with Dr. Sim & staff. Very pleased with the results.

April 18/2018

Experienced doctor, I ended up with my teeth perfectly aligned and everything.

April 9/2018

Wonderful experience with amazing results. Staff are great and knowledgeable and easy to get convenient appointments.

December 21/2017

Was great and lead my through my treament beautifully.

December 20/2017

Dr Sim has treated all my children and is spectacular! The staff is lovely, Dr Sim is wonderful, kind and gentle and doesn't oversell anything. I highly recommend this office!

December 20/2017

Love the entire staff. Washrooms not very accessible but very accommodating to my 16 yr old in a wheelchair. Brenda is warm and forgiving and Drm Sim is a true gentle heart. Everyone there is professional and courteous.

September 10/2017

Dr. Sims provided our daughter with excellent service! I would recommend going in to see the staff and him for yourself. Exceptional place with phenomenal results! Tally.

July 25/2017

Overall my experience at Dr.Sims office was very good. I was always brought in on time for appointments and they could easily be scheduled around my other activities. My time in the chair was quick and easy and Dr.Sim gave me my smile back!

July 25/2017

I moved to Canada and my son was in the middle of his treatment and despite that Dr. Sim took him as a patient and did a great job continuing his treatment. Now, his braces are off! Thanks Dr. Sim!

July 25/2017

Dr Sim did a wonderful work on my crowded teeth. My teeth look fantastic! I am very grateful that I consulted Dr Sim for braces and for the encouragement and confidence he gave me to go ahead with orthodontic process at this age(post 30). I am getting compliments how great my teeth look. My confidence in public is growing every day. Thank you Dr Sim for being a great Orthodontist. Thank you for all the time and effort you have spent in making my teeth perfect. Dr Sim has an amazing staff Brenda, Stacey etc. I had braces for close to 2.5 years and overall I had a very good experience at Dr. Sirn l s office. I highly recommend Dr Sim to my friends.

July, 06/2017


Both my kids were treated by Dr. Sim and the results were fantastic. Emergency appointments were accommodated as needed. Two thumbs up. Positive experience.

May, 25/2017


Very pleased with both our son and daughter having Dr. Sim as there orthodontist. He and all the staff where always very helpful and accommodating even when not during office hours. Would highly recommend him.

May, 13/2017


Dr Sim is great...knowledgeable and patient! Great results!

May, 11/2017


Got braces off March 2017, right before a big performance because Dr. Sim accommodated to my needs! Excellent services.

May, 11/2017


Got my braces on in January 2015 and just got them off. I must say my teeth look amazing.

Jan, 24/2017


I would recommend Dr. Sim to anyone looking into getting braces. Had a great experience here and my teeth look great. 100 times better then when I went into his office for the first time. Thanks for everything David!

Jan, 23/2017


Both children had braces with Dr. Sim. Extremely pleased with the staff, the service and overall experience. Would recommend him to anyone!!

Jan, 22/2017


Two of my children have had braces removed and we are happy with the work. The office staff is friendly, accommodating and professional.

Jan, 19/2017


Our eldest daughter recently had her braces removed and the results are outstanding! Our youngest daughter is just starting her treatments and is experiencing the same, wonderful service. Dr. Sim's office is exceptionally efficient and the staff members, including Dr. Sim, are very kind and attentive.

Jan, 19/2017


It was very easy to understand and follow Dr. Sim's instructions. Everyone working was very kind and helpful and I think my teeth came out great!

Jan, 19/2017


It was always a pleasant experience to visit the office of Dr. Sim.

Nov, 24/2016


The staff are wonderful - Dr.Sim was very kind and readily available for emergencies. Will be bringing my other son there for his braces when they are needed.

Nov, 21/2016


After my son had a terrible experience with another orthodontist, I asked around to find a better one for my daughter. Dr Sim came highly recommended by several friends. I have only positive things to say about our experience with Dr Sim's office. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and always on time. Dr Sim did a great job with my daughter's smile and her treatment finished right on schedule.

Nov, 17/2016


Everyone was very kind. A nice personal experience. Very accommodating . Thank you. We recommend this doctor and will be returning with our second child when the times comes.

Nov, 17/2017


We researched other Orthodontists in the area and were disappointed to find large offices with one orthodontist and many hygienists. We felt like a number and not a person in these offices after just one introductory visit. We met with Dr. Sim and his small team of friendly and competent staff. We immediately felt at home here. Dr. Sim has created a calm, quiet almost soothing environment to have the orthodontic experience. My daughter and I felt that she was cared for, with all of our questions and worries, answered completely. He explained everything honestly and clearly. Dr. Sim tells you upfront that a successful outcome depends upon his services and our commitment to doing everything he says regarding cleaning and attending regular appointments. On one occasion Dr. Sim attended to a broken bracket emergency on his day off because my daughter was going away for the weekend and needed his help. He also sent a large package of dental patient information to a foreign Orthodontist when my daughter went oversees to study. Dr. Sim genuinely is concerned for his patients and wants the best outcomes for them. He has a strong attention to detail which one sees upon the initial braces installation. Nothing is overlooked. He and his staff feel this way as well. From the moment you walk into the door there is always a smiling welcoming face to the moment you leave the office. We cannot say enough about Dr. Sim and his team and how pleased we are with their services. We highly recommend Dr. Sim!

Oct, 12/2016


After a chaotic and disruptive experience with another orthodontist, and essentially wasting many months and dollars, Dr. Sim and his team created the most beautiful smile for my 15yo son. Our 10yo is next in line, and maybe even myself after the kids! I will continue to recommend Dr. Sim for any orthodontic work.

Sept, 09/2016


We had a great experience and very happy with the results. Dr. Sim is a very kind and patient person.

Sept, 01/2016


Highly recommend Dr Sim. We're very happy with the result and service.

July, 06/2016


I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Sim and his staff. We were never made to wait past our appointment time, the staff were always kind and courteous, and I never for a moment doubted that we were in the best of hands. Even our after hour emails were answered promptly and professionally.

July, 04/2016


Simply excellent! Very knowledgeable and extremely attendant to detail.

Feb, 29/2016


It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Brenda and Doctor Sim and all the staff at your office. I know that both Taylor and Justin really appreciated the comfortable atmosphere and the professionalism shown. I certainly recommend your office to all my friends. Thank you so much for all the work and both beautiful smiles. I know that they l re both very happy with them.

Dec, 17/2015


Dr. Sim and his staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to help. The whole process was smooth and went better than I had anticipated. I would recommend him to anyone!

Nov, 24/2015


Courteous, professional, and efficient staff allowed the course of treatment to fly by with very few setbacks, along with excellent results. I trusted Dr. Sim and his team implicitly with the care of my orthodontic work, as they were able to answer all my questions and see to my needs as necessary. During and after treatment, I have recommended him to several acquaintances and friends.

Sept, 0/2015


I didn't like the thought of having wires and such in my mouth for extended periods of time, and I still don't. Fortunately, Dr. David Sim took the time and effort to make braces not as much of a hassle as it could have been. Highly recommended.

Feb, 12/2015


Dr Sim and his staff were very professional and the 2 years just seemed to fly by, thanks for making braces a pleasant experience.

Feb, 10/2015


Having had 3 children go through Dr. Sim's office I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. He directly addressed the children so they always felt comfortable with him, always called me in if there was some change to the plan of action, was always on time and was not quick to just pull teeth.

Feb, 06/2015


Great results in the end and Dr. David Sim answered all my questions and concerns with great knowledge and understanding. Would recommend to anyone looking to get perfect teeth.

Feb, 04/2015


Best experience I've had. Dr. Sim was very honest and informed me with everything that was going on. Also everyone working there was very nice and helpful.

Feb, 03/2015


No complains about Dr Sim. Very happy with the results.

Feb, 02/2015


Dr. Sim always took his time to explain the procedures and process he will take on my child's appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Sim for the great services and support. My son is so proud of his smile and we are thrilled as well on a great job. Thank you!

Dec, 08/2015


Dr Sim and the staff have been excellent with both kids. Very happy with the results.

Oct, 02/2014


I have been a patient with Dr.Sim since 2010. The staff at Dr.Sim's office was very friendly,Stacia always had a smile on when she calls me in for my appointment. I am usually intimidated by the tools they use, but they made a feel comfortable. Dr. Sim takes time to explain what he is doing to my teeth. He is always happy to answer any questions about my treatment. The equipment that they use are always sanitary. The amount you pay is worth the treatment. My treatment ended in 2013, and I now have Sim straight teeth, I am very satisfied with the service I got with Dr. Sim and his staff. I will highly recommend him to my friends.

Feb, 28/2014


Dr. Sim always took the time to thoroughly evaluate our children's orthodontic needs. He is honest (in one case, he determined that treatment was NOT necessary), professional and very approachable. From "severe" displacement to more moderate requirements, he treated them all! What great results!! Dr. Sim's staff were and continue to be fantastic, very supportive and informative. All questions were answered and they tried to accommodate our schedule. Bravo! 5 down, 1 to go!

Nov, 22/2013


Doctor Sim is a fantastic orthodontist who always takes the time to know his patients better. He constantly tries to improve his dental work. I am very happy with the results.

July, 25/2013


About 3 years ago, I was recommended by my best friend to see Dr. Sim. I consulted 3 other orthodontists (by the way) - I know that was overkill but I wanted to be extremely cautious as this will be a long term commitment! I was 26 at that time. It was a great first impression and I was confident after the first consultation and decided to pursue my treatment there. Now, 3 years later (and I recently had my braces removed, Yay!!!) and looking back, it has been truly wonderful monthly visits to Dr. Sim's clinic and worry free daily cleaning routine. I could not be more grateful for everything Dr. Sim did and will HIGHLY recommend him and his clinic to anyone. My best friend will tell you the same! Dr. Sim and his staffs were very professional and perfection was their only goal. Thank you SO much Dr. Sim, Brenda and staffs!!!

June, 20/2013


My two sons had their teeth straightened by Dr. Sim, they both now have million dollar smiles. At age 55, I decided that finally it is my turn, after a life time of half smiles I went to see Dr. Sim. Under his direction I had two gum surgeries, another surgery to install titanium screws and finally Dr. Sim installed the braces. Fast forward 2-1/2 years,I am smiling all the time now. My transformation is both physical and emotional, I can't thank Dr. Sim enough for what he did for me. It is never too late :-))

June, 12/2013


The friendly and punctual staff at Dr.Sim's office made this whole experience enjoyable. Dr. Sim provides service that is reliable, kind and always professional. Deciding to get braces as an adult was a difficult decision, but thanks to Dr. Sim it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. His expertise and knowledge helped the process go so smoothly and I am 100% satisfied with my results. Thank you for the confidence my new smile has given me. I appreciate your hard work and dedication, it has certainly changed my life.

May, 09/2013


We have four children and all four of our children have seen and are being seen by Dr. Sim. Dr. Sim and his staff have always been available to answer any of my or my husband's questions. Our 16 year old who just got his braces off today, presented with a permanent tooth growing in the roof of his mouth and the tooth on the opposite side having grown in twisted. Once these teeth were pulled, Dr. Sim then began his job of correcting the spaces, etc. etc. This process took longer than expected but it was well worth the wait as my son's teeth are absolutely beautiful and perfectly aligned and if you had seen them in the beginning ... well, miracles do exist. My older two sons also saw Dr. Sim and inasmuch as their cases were not as complicated at my 16 year olds, their "reveal" was just as exciting. Our 12 year old is now in the very capable hands of Dr. Sim and his staff and I cannot wait to see what further miracles he has in store.

May, 06/2013


Dr.Sim was amazing and made my teeth perfect with braces, his helpers were also superb when I needed help, l'd defiantly bring my kids and tell my friends about this amazing orthodontist.

Apr, 25/2013


Dr. Sim and his staff are wonderful (Special Thank you to Brenda for her personal service). They are very punctual when it comes to appointments and very knowledgeable. Dr. Sim takes his time and explained everything to our son. I will (and have) highly recommended him to everyone I know for all their family orthodontist care. Thank you for a wonderful 2 years. Tracy M

Apr, 04/2013


Very pleased with the staff and the efficiency of the office. Great results.

March, 20/2013


We were advised by our dentist that our son required braces and referred us to Dr. Sim. We attended Dr. Sim for a consultation when our son was 10. Dr. Sim advised us it was too early and recommended we come back in a year. So we did, We were then advised to come back when he was 13. Our dentist kept telling us that we should have braces on our sons teeth. Dr. Sim was not prepared to put braces on until it was the best time to avoid a duplication of services. We were very grateful for this honesty. The braces were put on in March 2010 and removed in October 2012. We were so impressed with the process. Our son's teeth are so beautiful. We had a situation where a bracket came loose. Dr. Sim office brought him in right away to correct. The staff were always friendly and provided answers to any questions we had. The hours that Dr. Sim offers can accommodate anyone's schedule. Thank you Dr. Sim.

Feb, 24/2013


Dr. Sim would come in on weekends if you went to school outside of Ottawa and were only ever home on the weekends. My experience with Dr. Sim was awesome.

Feb, 23/2013


I was a patient of Dr. Sim's for 3 years. After having already been to several other unhelpful orthodontists about getting braces, the process with Dr. Sim was prompt and effective. Another orthodontist had recommended Invisalign to me, but sceptical about its effectiveness, I asked Dr. Sim for a second opinion. Unlike the other orthodontists, he was honest that it was probably not the best treatment. After deciding on using braces instead, the staff took care of booking all further appointments, including a dental CJD 2013 surgery to remove teeth, as well as further check-ups for tightenings and adjustments. On several occasions, my study schedule was also accommodated. While wait times were sometimes lengthy, there were also times when I was late and Dr. Sim still managed to see me. All in all I am very happy with the quality of care I received from Dr. Sim.

Feb, 18/2013